Stampede Junior Tennis

Our tennis students move along the “Pathway to Success” which utilizes graduated equipment, focuses on fundamentals & technique, reinforces teambuilding & mentorship, and teaches strategy & point play.

Tennis balls have been developed to make it easier for beginner and recreational children and adult players learn the game. This has been achieved by the manufacture of low-compression tennis balls which are designed to play ‘slower’. There are three kinds of low-compression balls – red, orange and green – which are all softer and bounce lower than a yellow ball.

Because they bounce lower, players have more time to hit them, which allows better control and helps students develop correct stroke technique. Yellow balls bounce too high and quickly for children.

Every child develops at their own rate, therefore there is no specific timeline for moving along the pathway but generally our students are grouped together by age.

Red Ball: Ages 5-8
Orange Ball: Ages 9-10
Green Dot Ball: Ages 11-12
Yellow Ball: Ages 13 and up

Current students: Spread the word and get rewarded!

If your child’s friend would like to try a free class, just let us know! If afterwards, they sign up for at least a month of Stampede Tennis, you get 25% off your next month’s dues (up to $60 in savings!).

“My daughter started tennis at Cheval about a year ago in their red ball class. She’s only six, but I wanted to find a sport where she could make friends and get out of her comfort zone a bit. She’s very shy and is so small that I worried about her doing any kind of contact sport. I randomly chose tennis at Cheval, and I’m SO glad I did! The junior director, Anne, has done an amazing job at making sure my daughter was put into a group with the right chemistry and coach that fit her personality. The staff is also great at making every child feel like they are an important part of the class. I’m shocked that she is now so confident and outgoing on the court – she’s even expressed interested in competing in the future. Bravo to the Stampede Tennis team!”

-Amy S. (Daughter, age 6, Red Ball)

“Cheval has put together a fun and competitive environment for my kids, but also not so rigorous that they burn out. Both Coach Niru and Coach Anne have done a good job of keeping the kids motivated and moving in the right direction in advancing their tennis careers. The Junior Pro Circuit tournament program and Junior Team Tennis League have been very enjoyable for the kids and are a great supplement to playing sanctioned events, which can be very stressful for players with limited experience.”

-Winter N. (Daughter, age 13, Yellow Ball & Son, 9, Green Dot Ball)

“The junior tennis program at Cheval has inspired a love of tennis in both of my children! My son went from attending one week of summer camp to joining the Stampede program and now playing almost every day and entering USTA tournaments! The coaches challenge kids to become better players while always keeping lessons FUN.”

-Samantha R. (12-year old son, Tournament Training & 9-year-old daughter, Orange Ball)

“We have been so pleased with the coaching our daughter has received at Cheval! Coach Anne and her team took care in personalizing everything to our needs, and have worked hard to build her up skills and confidence. This has aided her tremendously in tournament and match play. Most importantly, she loves the group lessons and looks forward to it every week!

– Patti S. (13-year-old daughter, Yellow Ball)
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